Monday, October 19, 2009

The Government of Jack Boots. habib jalib (with punjabi translation)

English Version

If the dacoit had not had
The village guard as his ally
Our feet would not be in chains
Our victory would not defeat imply
Mourn with turbans round your necks
Crawling on your bellies, comply
Once the jack boot government is up
It’s hard, to make it bid good-bye

Punjabi Version

 پنجابی ترجمہ

ڈاکوں دا جے ساتھ نہ دندا پنڈ دا پہرے دار
آج پیران زنجیر نہ ہندی جیت نہ ہندی نہ ہار
پگان اپنے گل وچ پا لو ترو پیٹ دے بہار
 چھڈ جائے تے مشکل لہندی بوٹاں دی سرکار

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